I'm Andrei Hudovich,
a front-end engineer

A highly skilled professional with over 8 years of experience. I specialize in building web apps using the Vue.js ecosystem.

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I'm a great enthusiast of latest technologies and tools. Being on the cutting edge of modern development trends is extremely important to me. I constantly gain new skills by reading books, watching courses, attending conferences and following top developers.

Javascript / Typescript

By default, I start all new projects with TS. Having a fully typed app helps keep it less error-prone.

Vue + Nuxt / Astro

SPA, SSR, SSG or Universal Rendering? I'll get you covered with the best option available.


Those two are my old friends, I started my career by converting designs to HTML & CSS.

Sass & PostCSS

When working on stylesheets, using pre- and post-processor allows me to be as productive as possible.


The rise of utility frameworks has made me stick to the trends, but I'm not a big fan of them in general.

Vite / npm

Since the early days when Vite was released, it has been my go-to tool for every project.

Vitest & Playwright

Testing is the most crucial part of any development process. I prefer to use the best-in-class tools.

Git & GitHub

Git workflows and tools like husky, lint-staged, and conventional commits are what I have mastered.

Figma / Sketch

During my career path, I worked with numerous design files, so I am comfortable with any environment.

Work History

Below you will find a summary of my past employment experience. Additionally, if you require, you can download my resume

Senior Front-end Engineer

  • Pivro
  • United Kingdom
  • Full-Time
‐ Present
  • Joined the team to improve the functionality of the top-notch marketing tool in UK's real-estate sector.

Senior Front-end Engineer

  • Worked to solve complex problems using the latest Web Standards.
  • Architected the product's front-end structure (Vue.js, Pinia, Typescript, Vite).
  • Accomplished the development of the sophisticated Vue.js UI components.
  • Developed the open-source component library.
  • Crafted responsive marketing landing pages.

Senior Front-end Engineer

  • Was one of the team members who joined the new company after Nokori's acquisition.
  • Helped to adapt and embed the new assets into the franchise ecosystem.
  • Developed the ground for the new project based on Vue.js framework.

Senior Front-end Engineer

  • Nokori
  • United States
  • Full-time
  • Acted as a primary and sole front-end developer of the team.
  • Was responsible for development of the Vue.js single-page application.
  • Worked on responsive static marketing pages.
  • Managed the migration from Vue 2 codebase to Vue 3 and Composition API.

Front-end Developer

  • Freelance platforms
  • Worldwide
  • Kick-started my developing career as a PSD-to-HTML developer.
  • Helped dozens of clients around the world to build and deploy their websites.
  • Worked hard to meet client deadlines.
  • Matured as a self-taught senior front-end engineer.